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This official Ari Kiev podCast offers you free of charge, strategies for dealing with the incredibly stressful situations- both highs and lows- that confront traders daily.

Ari's podcast is a free resource provided for the well-being of the trading community.

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To download the podcasts:

For PC:
The individual podcasts are mp3 files. If you open a browser with a built-in aggregator, either Firefox or Internet Explorer, to this page: you will see the podcast feed. Just right click on the media file (mp3 file) you want to download, choose "save link as" and save the file to your computer. If you are using the Google Chrome browser, you will need to download their free"RSS Extension".

For PC or Mac
: alternately you can download the individual podcasts of course, using iTunes. Install the free iTunes program, follow the directions for subscribing to a podcast, locate Ari's podcast by searching on "Ari Kiev" and click "subscribe". You can download all the channel content and review at your leisure, on line or off line if you have an podcast player such as an ipod.